Legislative Call to Action

What Is LIBI Doing to Make it Easier for You to Do Business


  1. LIBI has worked with the DEC to implement new rules regarding stormwater runoff (SWPP) on Long Island which will provide new methods by which developers can comply with the standards to significantly reduce the time and expense of the requirement. New regulations have already been issued by DEC.
  2. LIBI Worked with the Suffolk County Legislature to enact new legislation which will reduce county impact fees, increase housing opportunities on college campuses and change water meter legislation to allow either a single or individual water connections in multi family developments.
  3. LIBI  was instrumental  in drafting and supporting new legislation enacted by the Suffolk County Legislature which will require County Legislative approval of all recommendations from the new County Water Management Plan.
  4. LIBI was involved in the elimination of a resolution being considered by the Town of Brookhaven which would have increased the recreation fee for each housing unit from its current $500 to $5000 per unit thus saving thousands of dollars for each unit built
  5. LIBI was involved in the passage of a new resolution in the Town of Brookhaven which will increase the time period for a final conditional site plan approval from a possible four years to six years, thus saving the builder thousands of dollars if one had to go through the planning process again
  6. LIBI is involved in the deliberations of the Pine Barrens Commission and has significantly modified new amendments to the Pine Barrens Land Use Plan which could significantly increase the amount of pine barrens credits necessary and decrease the amount of clearing allowed, thus increasing the costs of development
  7. LIBI is involved in the deliberations of the Suffolk County Health Department with regard to its amended water resources management plan which would significantly hinder development opportunities and increase the cost of development through higher sewage and septic costs and is working with the county legislature to ensure that such modifications do not go into effect without a vote of the county legislature
  8. LIBI is involved in the definition of “community benefits” required by the towns for the approval of projects which could save developers significant funds for projects not required under the SEGRA process and has introduced state legislation on the issues and worked with the Town of Brookhaven to prohibit such benefits in the town.


  1. LIBI was involved in the Carmans River Plan which will allow for the building of new multi-unit developments in places in the town as of right, thus reducing the amount of time necessary for the planning process
  2. LIBI was involved in the drafting and revision of the Brookhaven multi-family code which will drastically increase densities and the availability of building sites
  3. LIBI was involved in the drafting of a new multi-unit code in the Town of Islip and its incorporation of new energy saving standards which will allow for significant density bonuses as of right
  4. LIBI was involved in the development of a new planned development district resolution in the Town of Southampton, thus significantly reducing the amount of time and resources necessary for such approvals
  5. LIBI is involved with the Suffolk County Planning Commission  and its deliberations with regard to additional conditions placed upon projects, thus helping to reduce the cost of development and the time necessary for such approval by the county planning commission and in ensuring representation of the building industry as members of the Commission.


  1. LIBI was involved in the action against the new D.E.C. regulations regarding environmental impact statements which could substantially increase the cost and time involved in the drafting of such statements and worked with other groups to eliminate redundancy and extraneous materials.
  2. LIBI was involved in the passage of a new first time homebuyers legislation in Albany thus significantly increasing the options available for new homebuyers.
  3. LIBI is involved in the recent changes to the warranty language regarding energy efficient homes to protect the builder from instances where the homeowner does not maintain the systems to their specifications
  4. LIBI has recently changed its policy to allow LIBI to endorse and support specific projects of LIBI members with regard to their benefit and importance to the home building industry and the local economy
  5. LIBI is involved in the deliberations of the Nassau County Planning Commission with regard to new specifications for the building of affordable homes in each municipality
  6. LIBI is involved in the drafting and submission of new energy efficiency legislation, working with the sustainability institute and LIPA which will allow for all builders to be eligible for substantial rebates for building energy efficient homes
  7. LIBI has recently entered into an agreement with the association of Building Contractors to allow LIBI members to take apprenticeship courses at ABC, thus fulfilling the requirements under town codes.
  8. LIBI is working with Town of Brookhaven officials to implement new wetlands and clearing standards to make them easier to implement and to reduce the fines relating to certain actions.
  9. LIBI has met with various town officials, including Hempstead and North Hempstead, implement new activities relating to the building departments.
  10. LIBI has worked with officials in the Town of Riverhead to substantially reduce the permit fees required for the construction of new homes and to improve the Transfer of Development Rights Program in the town.
  11. LIBI continues to meet with officials in the Town of North Hempstead to review and evaluate their new building department policies and procedures.
  12. LIBI continues to meet with the Suffolk County Health Department to review all existing and new regulations including the approval process of new wastewater treatment facilities and a new process will be implemented.
  13. LIBI continues to engage with our municipalities on the negative consequences of requiring mandatory apprentice programs for contractors and sub-contractors, and has worked with officials in Islip and Southampton to table such resolutions.
  14. LIBI is working on the implementation of the new Energy Star standards in all of the towns on Long Island to allow our builders to receive new financial incentives.
  15. LIBI is working with the Town of Riverhead to reform their Transfer of Development Rights program to ensure equality in the pricing and use of such credits.
  16. LIBI is worked with the Town of Huntington to develop new standards for bonding procedures for construction which were enacted by the town.
  17. LIBI is working with the New York State Builders Association (NYSBA) to eliminate the scaffold law and enact new Article 78 reforms.
  18. LIBI worked with the Town of Brookhaven to enact a new Planned Retirement Community Code and increase allowable density.
  19. LIBI was instrumental in having new state legislation enacted which allows all builders to provide information about fire sprinklers rather than to be mandated to install them.
  20. LIBI was instrumental in supporting legislation to create a SC Electrical Licensing Board to require one license rather than multiple town licenses.
  21. LIBI was instrumental in working with the Town of Brookhaven to create new procedures to make the Building Department process more efficient.