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From the President


Artie Cipoletti

Artie Cipoletti

It’s a new year and one to look forward to if you are in the construction industry. LIBI ended 2013 with a crowning achievement along with Long Island Home Builders Care.  The first Veteran’s subdivision in the United States was completed and the homes were delivered. Special thanks to all who donated their time and resources to complete this project.

I am personally looking forward to following the lead of all past presidents and have some thoughts and ideas for this coming year. With the focus in mind that we are a lobby organization, it is my ambition to further excel our efforts and promote membership as it helps us all. Trickle down is not a government expression, it is real and this year there will be more multi-family projects under construction at one time in the Northeast and Long Island then there have been in the past ten years. Yes, the light at the end of the tunnel and shining brighter! When these projects get underway  this spring  and throughout the year, our Associate members are in a position to see the trickle down of busy developers and builders. I myself fall on both sides of the fence in this regard and from my experience your membership will pay itself off between our discounts provided through Worker’s Compensation insurance and the potential to work your way onto new clients bid lists.  Together we will meet our common goals to lobby which benefits all including non-members.  I’d encourage all to participate in community outreach shows support for our builders and developers to allow them to move  forward on projects. Whether or not you contract with them or not depends on you; but the benefits to our industry  helps all of us.

As my presidential term commences, my foremost order of  business is to represent LIBI with iron integrity. I strive to be defined as the “member’s president”, and to avail myself to our members in the capacity for which they seek. I look forward to serving our powerful organization at the head of the table while honorably representing our distinguished past.

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